SterBox® Lift - Air sanitizer for elevators with UV-C led

SterBox® Lift - Air sanitizer for elevators with UV-C led


Small, light and portable, SterBox © ️ purifies the ambient air by eliminating unwanted odors and microorganisms.

It is equipped with a fan that sucks microorganisms, leading them to an internal hygiene chamber, where they pass through a nano particle filter and receive type C ultraviolet radiation, thus being eliminated. Subsequently, the air is returned to the environment properly disinfected.

It has in its structure, velcro straps suitable for fixing the product in the elevator's elevator, a practical and safe method of fixation.

It is powered by connecting the device directly to the 127V or 220V power supply and uses a 2-way cable connection interface. The SterBox® Lift starts cleaning the environment automatically after being energized and indicates to the user, by means of light signals, the current phase of the cleaning process.

It is measured to clean environments of up to 15m³ in just 2 hours of operation. For larger spaces, it is recommended to use 1 SterBox® Lift every 15m³.

SterBox® Lift Differentials

• Automatic activation

• Fixation method suitable for elevators.

  • Technical specifications


    Elevators: social and service.

    Technical specifications

    • Manufacturer: O2 Led Ilumination

    • Part number: SBA-UVC15E

    • Power interface: 2-way cable

    • Supply voltage: 127 ~ 220Vac

    • Maximum power consumption: 3.6W

    • Dimensions 145x89x42mm

    • Net weight: 140g

    • Cleaning fee: 99.99% in 2h *

    • Operating area: 15m³

    • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C

    • Noise generation: <30dB

    (*) test carried out by the Unicamp Institute of Biology with Coronavirus strain MHV strain Betacoronavirus (same genus and family of SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19 and MERS species)

    package content

    • 1 SterBox® Lift

    • 1 Quick Guide


    • 12 months


    • Required

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