SterBox® Ambiental - Environmental air sanitizer with UV-C led

SterBox® Ambiental - Environmental air sanitizer with UV-C led


Small, light and portable, SterBox © ️ purifies the ambient air by eliminating unwanted odors and microorganisms.

It is equipped with a micro fan that sucks the microbes, leading them to an internal hygiene chamber where they receive a type C ultraviolet bath and die. Subsequently, the air is returned to the room properly disinfected.

With a non-slip base, it can be accommodated in panels, consoles, supports and tables, both in automotive, medical and general use applications.

The electrical supply is made through a USB cable that comes with the product for connection to residential or automotive sources for cell phones, as well as a power bank.

It is measured to clean spaces of 15m3 in just 2 hours of operation. If the location is 30m3, it is recommended to use 2 SterBox © and so on.

  • Technical specifications


    General use: offices, receptions, hotel rooms, residential rooms, bathrooms, elevators, shops, changing rooms, rooms, restaurants.

    Medicinal: hospital beds, bathrooms, laboratories, doctor's offices, ambulances.

    Technical specifications

    • Manufacturer: O2 Led Ilumination
    • Part number: SBA-UVC15
    • Power interface: Micro USB
    • Supply voltage: 5V @ 600mA
    • Maximum power consumption: 3W
    • Dimensions 145x89x42mm
    • Net weight: 130g
    • Cleaning fee: 99.99% in 2h *
    • Operating area: 15m³
    • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ° C
    • Noise Generation: <30dB

    (*) test carried out by the Unicamp Institute of Biology with Coronavirus strain MHV strain Betacoronavirus (same genus and family of SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2 / COVID19 and MERS species)

    package content

    • SterBox © SBA-UVC15
    • Micro USB Power Cable
    • Instruction manual


    • 12 months


    • Required

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