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Consulting and Specialized Services

EXPER Soluções offers consultancies and specialized services in several areas, being able to assist since the development of products, monitoring in tests and homologation of products with organizations and companies requesting and research and development of products of high technical rigor.  


Conducts conformity assessments of lighting product certification processes (LED lamps and public lighting) for CGCRE | Inmetro.


Advises companies and national and international government entities in energy efficiency and public lighting projects.


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A specialized team offers solutions for product development aiming at high performance, energy efficiency and visual comfort, as well as specific demands of each client.

EXPER Soluções is proud to have collaborated in the development of award-winning and internationally approved products.  


Exper in partnership with third party laboratories accredited by Inmetro, performs photometric, electrical, mechanical and thermal tests on lighting equipment, for product development, product approval in companies and / or organizations such as Marinha, Inmetro and Procel.


The testing services may include assistance for the creation of technical catalogs and a technical specification database, with photometric files in the IES standard.



Exper Soluções conducts consultancies for certification of lighting products according to Inmetro requirements and Procel labeling for LED lamps and public luminaires, according to ordinances:


- Inmetro Ordinance no. 389/2014: RTQ for LED lamps with integrated device

- Inmetro Ordinance no. 144/2015 : RAC for LED lamps with integrated device

- Inmetro Ordinance no. 20/2017: Fixtures for street public lighting



EXPER offers services for measurement in the field and verification of projects carried out according to normative lighting requirements according to the standards:


- ABNT NBR ISO 8995-1: Workplace lighting

- ABNT NBR 5101: Public Lighting

- ABNT NBR 15.575: Performance standard


Highly reliable measuring equipment is used for measurements and checks.  


Exper Soluções performs energy diagnostics to assess the potential for energy savings with lighting systems for large installations or public lighting in municipalities.

It also performs services for the assessment of energy diagnostics carried out by third parties for the purposes of national and international financing.


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